Figure Class tonight…

Quick 5 minute poses from figure class tonight.  I used the Harmony online web sketch application for the quick poses, I found it much faster than the methods I had been trying in Photoshop where I’d get bogged down in the details and the pose would be over!  I really liked using it, I wasn’t even online at the time but since I had left the web page open on my laptop the application still ran just fine.


After the warm up poses we did a long pose tonight (1 hour) and that gave me lots of time to build up shading and colors in Photoshop.  I really do need to focus some time on learning faces, hands and feet so that I can have a complete body.  The second 1 hour pose I tried to only paint the head and shoulders of the model and it came out looking nothing like her.  It didn’t look horrible, but it lacked those touches and details and looked so generic.


Thanks for taking the time to check out this post, I’d love some feedback if there’s anybody actually reading!  🙂


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