Female Face

Always starting a new project, so here’s the latest.  It’s a portrait, I’m starting out with some basic shaping and shading to get the proportions right before going back over with full color paint, etc.  I’ve included the first two progress shots – the first is the outline work that I began with and the second is some initial shading.  There are some proportional problems based on the original photo reference that I will correct on the next go around.  Stay tuned for updates – and subscribe to my blog is you’d like to be kept up to date on my art work.

LATEST IMAGE UPDATE 08-09-2011 – Reconfigured the facial proportions, adjusted the eyes and mouth and begain adding basic highlights and hair base color.  I went through and thinned out a lot of the original linework, covering it up with paint tones where possible to start taking it away from an illustration and more into the base for a painting.

Portrait Progression Video


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