Recent Figure Sessions

Decided to post up work from my past few figure drawing sessions.  I don’t like most of them but I learn something from each one and can use it to improve.

Warm ups:

25 minute pose, I focused on the face…..and didn’t get very far.

Made it to my first long-pose session, spent a ton of time getting the base sketch proportions correct and then when all was said and done it was just a very flat and uninteresting painting…..and I still suck at painting facial features.  Gotta continue to work on that!  Here’s the progression:

Went to a figure class at PaintLab down in L.A. and came out with this.  Again, very flat and uninteresting.  This time I didn’t spend as much time on the base sketch and got quite a few things wrong.  Also, once again, faces elude me for the most part when I’m at figure classes.  I did start to figure out some techniques for leaving more brush strokes in my paintings and that’s the biggest thing I pulled from this session (click the image to view full-size and see more of the brush stroke effects):

These next paintings were from a recent figure session, it was the last one of the year and I was pretty happy with the work.  Here are the warm ups:

And the longer poses (the last one was only about 12 minutes as time was running out):

Comments and critiques welcome!!


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