Quick update! Still drawing, still love it!

So it’s been so long since I’ve posted any work, sorry about that.  I’ve been very busy with my current art class and most of the work is on a large format paper pad which means I need to take a picture of everything in order to upload it……time consuming!

Anyways, I’ve been cooking along nicely and learning a TON about drawing.  I thought I knew my stuff and, of course, I’ve really just learned how much further I need to go but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Here is a quick update, I have to draw 3 heads for homework this week and I’ve got 2 done already.  The goal is to get proportions correct, not so much on a crazy amount of detail at this stage.  Here’s one of them, including a time lapse.




5 thoughts on “Quick update! Still drawing, still love it!

  1. It IS her, LOL. If you see my other sketches you’ll see that I usually use the blue pencil to layout the basics and then I would come back through with the darker pencils, etc. This time I just left it as is with the blue. I do like the look of the blue for this particular portrait, but mostly I was just afraid that if I went any darker with the shading that I’d mess up the whole thing! 🙂

    • i do the same thing with blue pencil, it seems like it show up less under the pencil or pen when finished. i also come across the same problem when im working on a piece. i get to a point when i dont want to go forward for fear of messing up the piece.

  2. i love the progression. looks like the girl from Resident Evil. plus the plue pencil has the right effect to the drawing.

  3. I really like the time lapse. I am wondering why you drew such a strong outline towards the end? It’s a very striking drawing.

    • Well these are all just iPhone photos and I had to bump up the contrast to get the photos to be cleaner. That last frame of the time lapse is too harsh but it doesn’t really look that harsh in real life. Doesn’t help that I was using blue pencil….lol.

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