Week 8 of Improving Art

Well another good class session tonight, only 2 more left :(. Posting various poses, a few 2-5 minute poses and the rest are 5, 10 or 15 longer poses where we could begin to add more shadow information. The last two I added the lines of the shadow but didn’t get to fill them all in. This was on purpose as a way to get the most information from the model while they are there.










3 thoughts on “Week 8 of Improving Art

    • Thanks for checking them out! I really like the stuff on your site too, do you only do digital art or do you have traditional stuff too? I reached a point with my digital art where I needed to go back to some of the foundational work and correct some stuff.

      • I rarely do traditional media anymore, even though I have at least 50 brushes and a few tubes of paint on my desk, and at least 100 tubes of paint under my desk. Sometimes I think about painting something, but with digital media I never have to think that I’m wasting paper or canvas if it doesn’t go the way I want. Plus real life doesn’t have an undo button. 🙂

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