Using what I’ve learned…

So my class is over and last Tuesday I was able to go back to the uninstructed figure drawing class that I used to go to.  This was the first time I went to that class without my laptop, no digital art, and it was awesome.  Some day I’ll get back into more digital art but for now I’m pretty happy honing my traditional art skills.

It was so nice to be able to use what I’ve been learning and it was nice to be doing it NOT in a classroom setting.  It’s just less pressure and I had a blast.  I’m using a blue pencil to lay down my base framework and get proportions and angles right, then coming back over lightly with some sepia tones.  I then went pretty liberal with the white pencil, hitting highlights wherever I saw them.  Finally I would come back over with the sepia and sometimes with black to get the mid and shadow tones in.  If I was using toned paper I could save myself some time and effort – I may try that next time.

2 minute warm ups (well the only one that came out pretty well I think):

25 minute poses:

For the last pose we only had 15 minutes and I was encouraged to use the entire sheet of paper and draw B I G.  I did and this is what I ended up with.  Head too small but I was pretty surprised at how far I got in only 15 minutes and with such a big drawing.

Thanks for checking out my work!  Comments welcomed…


4 thoughts on “Using what I’ve learned…

  1. Nice drawings! I’m another Pollock blogging about life drawing (but within sight of the Auld Country, in Cumbria).

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