Figure Drawing Updates

Sorry for the delay on getting these posted, been a bit of laziness and busyness combined (if that’s possible).  First off we have some figure drawings from reference material.  They are rough and basic in form, not sure if I’ll get around to completing them with shading, etc.  Knowing the way I work, I really doubt I’ll work on them again and I’ll move on to newer projects.

These are from early-mid April:

Next, some drawings done on a nice pad of toned “butcher paper”.  These were from photo references and I wanted to start honing my skills working with toned paper and getting used to putting in highlights and darks and leaving the mid-tones for the paper to fill in for me.  It’s a work in progress and I learn something from each time I do it.

These are from mid-April:

Here’s a progression from line drawing, to highlights, to adding the darks:

Then, from the latest figure class on April 24th……all 25 minute poses:

I was pretty happy with the way this one was going, the face actually KINDA looked like the model and that’s something I’ve been trying to get better at.  25 minutes is just not a lot of time to get everything in.

This one below really doesn’t look like the model, I think I rushed a bit on this one trying to get in more information than I did with the one above and accuracy suffered.

The model was doing a good job of rotating around and giving everyone a different angle (the class was pretty full in a circle around her).  When this angle was presented to me, at first, I was pretty unhappy as there isn’t much there to see and it would be very easy to mish-mash all the lines and lose the depth.  I decided to stick with it and see what I could get done.  I spent most of my time on the linework, making sure I had an accurate representation of what my eye was seeing.  This cost me in the end as far as not getting a final image but I think it really paid off in representing the pose well.  I feel that I captured the depth of the pose, but I’m a little biased.  Here’s my progress when I finished the line work…

…and here’s how far I got on the highlights before time ran out.  No shading was done but the basics are there.  Pretty pleased with this one, even without shading…

I then decided to try spending 25 minutes just on a facial portrait.  Very happy with the overall look and feel of this one and I think I was definitely starting to get my bearings on how best to use the highlights.  I’d say this looks about 70% like the actual model so I still struggle with getting faces right.  It’s really hard in a figure drawing session as the model does move around a slight bit here and there, she blinks, twitches, etc and she’s about 15′ away from me so seeing minute details of the face are really difficult at that range.

For the final pose, we only had about 15 minutes left and I decided to give my first try at using charcoal.  I didn’t draw any framework/base sketch for this – I just started out with charcoal and went for it.  Pretty happy with it even thought it’s really just line work, I didn’t have time to try and get those subtle shading techniques that can be achieved with charcoal but like I said, this was my first time.

Thanks for checking out my work, I welcome (and enjoy) your feedback!



4 thoughts on “Figure Drawing Updates

  1. Thanks! To answer your question about the male torso, I only used white and black pencils so any other hue is probably just an optical illusion between the iPhone picture and the lighting. I did add some very subtle black shading to parts of the arm, especially the forearm, so that could be what you’re seeing as well.

    I’ll take depth and realism however I can get it 😉

  2. Nice work! I’m happy to find a blogger with similar interests…. I also have recently purchased some colored paper to try using white and black pencils, hoping the paper will save me alot of shading time… question: in the drawing of the male torso with bicep flexed, it looks like you used a pink/salmon colored pencil… is that true, or is it a trick of the photo’s color? somehow it seems to have extra depth and realism than the previous photo.

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